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The MBCT mindfulness course was very informative & enjoyable and being able to do it over Skype was really convenient. Putting the techniques I have learnt into practice is helping my anxiety, allowing me to focus on the present and do the activities I want to do with out worrying so much.

Anna B (Northampton)

I give this course top marks, I can now relax and understand so much about how my mind and body work and how I can see the good in myself. I have learnt to meditate, a really odd thing to do in the beginning, now I look forward to the time I make in my day to meditate, to find some peace and to be relaxed.

Now I feel in charge of my mind and body and not so frustrated when they don't do as I want. 

Mrs V, Wellingborough

Reflecting on the course, I have found that it has helped me greatly with my stress levels. It is really useful in day to day life, mindfulness has quite easily become a solid foundation which I can work with to enjoy life more when things are good and to get me through the hard times much easier. The different meditations are so lovely to do.

Bevely, Wellingborough

Tim is an excellent leader and coach. Wonderful ability to compare and guide the conversation within the group and bring out individuals needs and strengths.

This course has enabled me to really live in the moment and enjoy the present. It has surprised me who much in the past I was dwelling. I can now deal with unpleasant situations in a logical way, giving me control of my life, thoughts and gives me times of relaxation.

I have been given so many tools for having worthwhile and meaningful life from now on. Thank you.

Mr D Scott

I came to the mindfulness course with an open mind, however I did not expect the course to pin point so accurately the type of person I am and I was quite shocked by that, but in a good way. It was so enlightening to learn to understand myself, how I operate and to be given ways to change my perceptions and manage stressful situations.

The strategies and meditations have helped me relax too, I have come to realise the benefits they give me and that I must make the time to practice regularly. I would love to repeat this class in the future to enable me to deepen my practice.

Mrs J J, Wellingborough

Once again this course has proved invaluable. It has kept me on track when fatigue makes me forget to practice. I greatly benefit from the group dynamics and being able to express thoughts and feelings in my own 'dyslexic kinaesthetic way' has helped me embed and mentally grasp things, allowing me a form of learning and social interaction at the same time.

K Newton, Corby

At first I was not sure of the course, it is so different from things I have done before, but I stuck at it and found the course amazing. There is so much good information and it is great at getting you to realise things can be different and that we have a choice how to think and feel.

Things in my life are so different in a really good way than before I started the course. Thank you.

Ed P, Wellingborough

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