Day-to-day challenges and life events often cause us to lose the inner peace that we are born with. The ability to be content with the moment exactly how it is without wanting more. A daily meditation practice will allow you to reconnect to that feeling and regain some balance in life.

Meditation allows you to let go of negative and distracting thoughts becoming calmer, happier and more focused.

You can expect improved sleep, enhanced relationships, more clarity, greater physical health and a renewed enthusiasm for life.

So why do you need a meditation coach?

In all honesty you don’t need a coach. There are plenty of books on the market and web based articles. However it is called meditation practice for a reason. It takes time, patience and lots of encouragement and guidance. It can be lonely and confusing and many people give up within the first 6 weeks of starting. I had dipped in and out of meditation for many years until an accident made me find a mentor and begin a practice in ernest and it completely changed my relationship with myself.

How do you know which teacher is right for you?

Unfortunately meditation teaching is not currently regulated and many teachers around have had little or no experience or training. That doesn’t necessarily make them bad at what they do, but a good starting point if you are thinking of investing your future peace with a coach, is to look at their meditation background. Why they meditate, who they learnt with, what they offer. Experience isn’t everything however, you want someone that you feel comfortable with. This person will be your cheerleader for as long as you need them on your journey. Select your travelling companion wisely.

We now guide others through their meditation journey enabling them ultimately to live in the present moment as their true authentic selves.

Take a look around. Read our stories and check out the workshops, and Mindfulness and Mind Calm (also available via web chat/meetings) we coach. We are happy to answer any questions if you want to contact us.

The Happy Starfish (2021)