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TMEBiz Consulting have over 27 years experience within the retail sector and have considerable experience as developers / programmers, project managers, business consultants and company directors. We have worked with businesses large and small on projects requiring a total turnkey solution to manage a single location or multiple locations (300+ stores).

SagePOS, formally known as PayPoint, is a point of sale solution that is both functional and highly customisable, with its own built in command language. SagePOS is the centre point to the service of selling product in a customer facing business and has comprehensive integration with Sage50 and Sage200 accounting suites, as well as being able to interface with many other systems through its customisable functionality and integration tools.

TME Consulting’s experience in developing and delivering SagePOS solutions formed a major part of the original development and business team, being responsible for the solutions growth and direction, both before and after acquisition by Sage (UK) Ltd.

TME Consulting offer a cost effective service backed up by years of experience and partnerships to provide a complete service from requirement specification and sourcing, project management, implementation to training and support.

Elite Integrations Ltd

Retail Solutions in Partnership

Working with Elite Integrations who specialise in feature rich, modern EPoS solutions that integrate with accounts and ERP solutions from Sage and Pegasus. We supply our software through accredited Business Partners, who are best placed to implement and train you on the software, as well as provide POS hardware and payments solutions, customisation (if required) and deliver other integration requirements that can help drive your business forward.
We also provide support (via our Business Partners) to customer using the now “End of Life” POS/PayPoint solution. If you are happy with Sage PayPoint, we know it better than anyone and can continue to support you on this software.

Our POS solution differs from others. We offer core functionality right out of the box, but with the ability for our partners to mould the solution to your exact requirements, without the cost of a bespoke system. Our solutions offer rock-solid reliability and full integration with your accounting software; all backed by an experienced business partner who will go above and beyond, to ensure your achieve a fast return on investment.

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Tim Elliston Holistics

Wellness ~ Harmony ~ Balance ~ Growth

Mindfulness Meditation is useful for stress and depression as it enables sufferers to recognise unhelpful patterns of thought and ruminative thinking that both trigger and exacerbate these conditions, as well as promoting positive mental states.

Tama-Do Acupuncture with sound & colour is non intrusive, pain free and a relaxing alternative treatment for many health problems. I am one of only a few practitioners in the UK.

Reiki is a touch technique that accesses the energy systems of the body to release congestion and bring balance.

The mission is to work with people to help them unlock their true potential and free themselves from any restrictions they may have, both on a conscious and a subconscious level which are affecting their progression in their life and their relationships. 

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