In 1987 Fabien Maman created the Tama-Do Academy, dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness through research, teachings and creativity. Fabien is considered to be the founding father of vibrational sound therapy. He teaches his techniques here in the UK, Europe and in the US.

For nearly 30 years he has created research and practical applications using Sound, Colour and Movement® and Harmonizing Seasonal Concerts® to balance the body, mind and spirit through the subtle energy fields (aura).

Each Tama­-Do technique emphasises the use of natural elements to ground us in daily life. We believe that acoustic sound, pure colour and Chi movement, when brought together, are the most effective tools we can use to dissolve negative energetic patterns and enhance healing and harmony.

On a physical level, Tama­-Do techniques help the body to engage in its own unique ability to heal. On the emotional and mental levels, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. On a more subtle level, Tama-Do brings the individual into a state of peace and awareness, knowing that they are indeed one, in resonance with the Universe.

A treatment is conducted with the client fully clothed either laying down or sitting comfortably depending on their needs. Tama-Do Practitioners are certified to perform the following Tama-Do Vibrational Therapies:

Sound Acupuncture
This technique uses stainless steel tuning forks and colour lights on acupuncture command points to balance the meridians and empower the organs. Excellent for physical pathologies and chronic fatigue.

Facial Acupuncture
This gentle treatment revitalises the skin & can improve appearance & skin tone. Tuning forks are gently placed on the acupuncture points of the face, de-stressing the body leaving you relaxed from head to toe.

Colour Therapy
Tama­-Do Practitioners work with an array of Tama-Do colour tools - Colour Lights, Rainbow Colour Silks® and Etheric Essences® to awaken your inner light.

Musical Spine
This powerful technique uses tuning forks and colour lights along the spine to harmonize the nervous system, chakras and subtle energy fields. Releases back pain and chronic stress.

8 Qi Mo
Three tuning fork techniques using the eight extraordinary meridians (8 Qi Mo). These advanced techniques elevate one’s energies from the physical level to the chakras and the subtle bodies (aura).

T.E.P. Harmonizing
This gentle touch technique balances the chakras and the subtle energy fields (aura). Releases emotional stress and helps create a deeper inner peace.

Sound Therapy
Tama-Do Practitioners are trained to harmonise the subtle energy fields (aura) with acoustic instruments and elemental sounds around the body. This Shamanic work tunes you with yourself, the seasons and the stars.

For more information about Tama-Do please visit the academy's web site at www.tama-do.com. Visit the contact me page to book an appointment or complete the pre-consultation form here.

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