Tama-Do Practitioner - Mindfulness Coach - Reiki Master Teacher

Wellness ~ Harmony ~ Balance ~ Growth

  • MISSION - To work with people to help them unlock their true potential and free themselves from any restrictions they may have, both on a conscious and a subconscious level, which are affecting their progression in their life and their relationships. 
  • SESSIONS - The sessions I give are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. The client is normally clothed and is either seated or laying comfortably. Sessions normally last from 45 minutes to a hour depending on the client’s needs. 
  • COURSES - Working in collaboration with other practitioners I offer a range of courses to introduce and enhance your growth and understanding of energy work and vibrational healing in addition to workshops designed to help you to achieve inner peace and confidence.

Tama-Do Acupuncture with sound & colour is non instusive, pain free and a relaxing alternative treatment for many health problems. I am one of only a few practitioners in the UK.

Reiki is a touch technique that accesses the energy systems of the body to release congestion and bring balance.

Mindfulness meditation is useful for stress and depression as it enables sufferers to recognise unhelpful patterns of thought and ruminative thinking that both trigger and exacerbate these conditions, as well as promoting positive mental states. 

The aim of my sessions is to balance the body and mind, bringing calm and peace to give the body the space, rest and freedom to do what it does naturally, heal and repair itself.
I work with people whose well-being is being affected by a physical and/or emotional condition. They may have one or more of the following:-

Muscle, joint pain 
Back & neck pain
Digestive disorders
Insomnia & sleep difficulties
High blood pressure
Recovering from injury or operations

Call or email me for more details & to book an appointment. Clinics run in Corby and Wellingborough.

Disclaimer: Please note that in the course of any treatment no attempt is made to diagnose or replace your doctor.

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