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Life is fast-paced, high-pressured; we’re always on the go, even when we’re sitting still, our minds are racing away and before we know it much of life has become the same tired routine. Joy fades like a childhood memory and seems impossible to reconnect to, despite the vows we make every New Year, or the dreams we stick on our bucket lists to do ‘one day’. Our spirit is something we often link with a need to be religious, as Karen says in her video. We often ignore this part of us, feeling we simply are not spiritual. In truth we have probably become disconnected from ourselves and much of the world around us. We have forgotten the innocent wonder we once lived by when we were full of spirit and fun.

So instead of thinking about being spiritual try at being ‘spirit-full’ and reconnect with yourself and your life in a more honest, simple way.

Tip 1. Take any opportunity to become an observer. We live so much in our heads believing all the thoughts that tumble around in there. We become so involved in all the details and perceived imperfections, we rarely take time to observe what is going on around us. Pause for a few moments take a few deep breaths and just watch what is going on outside the window. It can surprise you to notice the colours, the smells, the sounds. To notice and actually experience a moment.

Tip 2. Disconnect. You are probably reading this on your mobile phone or tablet. As a technologist I love gadgets, but I know first-hand how being constantly plugged into the digital world can increase stress and keep us away from real life, people, nature, actual joyful experiences that will be remembered and relived over and over again. Turning off the gadgets early in the evening can really help us fall back into a more natural pattern of sleep and rest. Having a day where we leave the technology alone can be liberating, Ok, scary at first but checking our status or social network feeds is just another habit we have created. Switching off allows us time for meaningful interaction, even sun light and fresh air and activities to really talk about and share

Tip 3. Change the pace. For many we are on the go from the moment we wake to the time we fall into bed, always on the go, often multitasking. There are many ways to be active even when we are sitting down, our minds are active, problem solving and striving. We find ourselves just moving though our day and not really feeling or experiencing it. When having to get things done, simply focusing on one thing at a time, we are not over loading brains. When moving from one activity to another, take a moment to rest. Feel three deep conscious breaths. We focus so much on our work and other people, we forget ourselves. Do a hobby or sport remember those resolutions and lists take part in them and feel the reward to yourself for doing so. These activities tend to involve connecting with the senses. Painting, listening to music, playing an instrument, doing a gym workout, dancing, singing and many more activities all give us the chance to be with your senses.

Doing these 3 simple things daily can help us find some quiet moments from our thoughts and busy lives, to connect with ourselves and by doing so, with others too, in a meaningful and some might say spiritual way.

Post date: Nov 4, 2014 10:32:04 AM

As a practitioner of Tama-Do, a blend of sound and colour therapies, I know how powerful and important colour is in our lives. I see the changes in my clients every day as colour works its magic on them.

The other day I had given a client a treatment which she felt had cleared 'her stuff' and balanced her physically, mentally and emotionally. She was glowing and positively buzzing, having arrived somewhat down and very stressed.

The effects of a colour treatment continues to work on the client for quite some time, as the client integrates the positive changes they allow themselves to make. But over time the effects can reduce as life, stress and our own negative thoughts and emotions wear away at us. To help my clients I give them homework to help them continue to integrate the treatment and feel good for longer.

I had used a specific set of colours that day to treat the issues the lady had presented. She told me how she had really felt the difference of each colour during her treatment. She was surprised at how visually profound it all was even though she had kept her eyes closed for most of our session. Now it is winter here in the UK she was worried how she would get her 'fix' of these colours as she walks her dog and goes about her day.

Throughout the year, no matter where we live, colour is all around us. We absorb it through our eyes and also into our bodies in other very subtle ways. During the spring, summer and autumn months the colours in nature are bright, vibrant and when we take a moment to notice them and how colours blend and contrast in nature it can be intoxicating, making us feel good. The winter months however can be quite...well bland, as mother nature tones things down in her time of rest. So how can we get our fix of the colours we need in our lives to help keep our minds and bodies happy right now?

With my client I asked her about what she wears. She works for a company where the 'uniform' is the same for everyone, white shirt with dark trousers or skirt and jacket so not much opportunity for spicing things up with colour. After a moment of thought I asked... "so what colour is your underwear?" After a moment of what I felt was awkward silence as the realisation about what I'd just said brought me to a slight panic, she eventually smiled and said "Oh my God, I need to go shopping!" I realise it might have been an odd thing to ask but my logic was sound. In my treatments I use large silks which I place over my clients. These either cover them shoulders to feet or folding the silk to form a band of colour which I apply to a specific charka or other part of the body. Her wearing brightly coloured under wear would bring a similar effect to help her treatment integrate & of course it didn't interfere with her work 'uniform' requirements. After a week or so the lady contacted me. She'd been out and purchased several sets of underwear in the colours of her treatment and was still feeling more empowered & coping with life much better.

So what colour is your underwear today? What does the colour of the clothing you are wearing say about you or the challenges you are going through in your life right now? How often, when shopping or getting your clothes from your wardrobe or drawers in the morning, have you consciously thought why you are drawn to wear the colours you do? For example.

Red is very grounding, but also empowering bringing passion to life.

Orange is joyful, being in our physical bodies & manifestation.

Yellow shows our radiance and intelligence, the wonder of our inner child.

Green is the opener of space, brings hope & beginnings.

Blue shows us truth, it is our central axis, the divine masculine.

There are many blends of colour & working with their complements is also very healing & beneficial too.

If you are feeling down or particularly stressed, get out in nature, look all around taking deep breaths that is good for you in itself but now notice the colour in your world. When it is cold and wintery get yourself off to your local stores and browse the rails. Bag those colourful bargains that make you feel great, not just because of the retail therapy, because the colours you wear really do help you heal.

If you wish to know more about colour and find out what your choices mean for you, please get in touch.

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